Grid land Long & Lat

Land32 uses earth’s geospatial coordinates, Latitude and longitudes to identify the precise location of each division of land.   

The intent is to create a universal trusted system that unlocks tremendous value in land through seamless integration into the digital space and financial market.  This can be accomplished by creating a land marketplace that enables seamless land fractional ownership, P2P transfers, liquidity, and security.

By zooming in to the 1 square metre level, we use the 7th decimal of each coordinates to create a further smaller grid of 10,000 squares each is equal to 1 sqcm.


Dividing land into many small yet visible and definable units creates fungibility within this same land, and therefore the system can allocate random square centimeters within the land.  Now, land can be tokenized.

Each sq. cm is digitally captured using its coordinates, and assigned a 32 numerical cryptographic value / representation that can now be uploaded to the TODA data structure, enabling scalable, efficient and secure P2P transfers of each unit, AND ensuring no wealth extraction caused by transactions on the network. Each sqcm’s digital cryptographic representation becomes a unit of exchange with a store of value

divisions by sqcm

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